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Turin, Piemont, Italien
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Geschrieben von Tobias Heinz   
Thursday, 17 April 2003

Drei Jahre haben wir in Italien gelebt, und das sehr gerne, hier einige Impressionen.

Click the Turin Shield!

This building is the "Mole Antonelliana". It was first meant to become a new "Synagogue" for the jewish community.

Antonelli exceeded all specifications and the budget and built this large tower that dominates the skyline of Turin.

Today, a museum for cinematography is beeing established and an elevator takes you to the top where the most amazing scenery is visible during sunny days.


This is the inside of Turins famous Palazzo reale. This palace was built by the architect Filipe Juvarra who also constructed very famous buildings in Madrid.

Directly located in the city center the "Palazzo Reale" (means Royal Palace) is directly connected to the Cathedral where the famous holy "santa sindone" of turin is kept.


Sacra di Ss. Michele. The famous monestry that was extended to be a mighty fortress. The church lies on top of a most impressing rock and overlooks one of the strategically most important valleys that led towards Torino.

About 30 Minutes away from Turin it is a must for every visitor. The building gives an impression how life has been in the middle ages and for someone who has been to the Normandy in France and has visited th Mont St. Michel it is amazing how similar the two monuments are.

On certain days it is possible to listen to sacral performaces in the church.


La Superga. One of the highlights of the city of Turin. It was built after a Savoyan King had defeated French Invaders. His camp was located on top of one of the hills that surround Turin. He swore that he would build a Cathedral at exactly this location if he just won this battle.

As everyone can easily conclude: He won, and this gigantic Cathedral was built on Top of this Hill. The Savoyan Kings are buried here.

On clear days visitors have a beautiful view over the city and it is a very nice place to take a snack or have a Picknic as well.


I really like Italy. It is a lovely country. You should really take some time to come and visit it.

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