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Guantanamo Bay - "They are bad people"
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Geschrieben von Tobias Heinz   
Tuesday, 29 July 2003

For someone like me, living outside of the US and having been there only once, this guantanamo setup is an awkward collection of incidents. Did this happen in a smallish third world country governed by some miltary junta - nobody would really care. 
I care because today American actions influence the daily lifes of many people that might live thousands of miles away from the American homeland. The US and its policies influence many other countries to a degree that they might feel bereaved of their right to take their destinies and their way of life into their own hands. 
When studying US foreign and internal policy and observing the means that the US administration was and is employing to get accordance and build majorities to support those policies, I come to the conclusion that in many cases they seem to take advantage of a feeling that has built up in the American people over the past decades and that has become more severe all the time.

My impression is, that many individuals in the US struggle heavily to cope with a big psychological GAP.  
On the one hand side, everybody - media, government, the curch, school, etc. - talks about how great, how free, how wealty the americans are. Its the greatest country in the world, the US consumes 20% of the worlds ressources while representing only 2% of the population, meals are at least super sized and cars, streets, homes and everything is larger and better than anywhere else in the world. The wealth of the US and the standards of living is the highest in the whole world: its God's own country. 
On the other hand many individuals feel unhappy, unsatisfied and have to cope with massive problems - physically, healthwise, economically and emotionally. Daily talkshows are full with people filled with anger. In many cases it seems that there is a feeling of being unfree and constraint deep inside. 
The big gap between personal experience and public doctrine (which I think is quite similar and can compared with the official sovjet doctin in communist russia and the individual experience of each sovjet citizen) leads to the search of someone who is to blame. If the system is great, if there is freedom, wealth and happiness - and I am vain, unfree, economically restricted and unhappy: someone else must be responsible. 
The scheme of many of the american conflicts before Iraq is always the same: significant pressure groups (sometimes the government or political powers, in recent years increasingly economical interests of a few very weathy people) present the public with "the culprit" - in a way that this universal culprit is abstract and nebulously enough to be blamed for almost anything that happens. 

And the prisoners in guantanamo fit this scheme exactly.
Again - to me this appears to be a pattern in american history, only that with the increasing power that the US has gained, it affects more and more countries directly. 
I am hoping that in the US good will, mercy and endurance pairs up with the will of each american citizen to reduce personal and public consumption, return to inner values and return step by step to a society that helps individuals find their inner satifaction rather than outer wealth. Instead of "more is more" we all should strive for a "enough is enough" attitude in personal and public life.

Once this balance is regained, the US won't need Guantanamo any more.

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